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Step 1: Put the appropriate size Pot Sox in the bottom of your pot, followed by the drainage/mesh medium barrier (Pot Grid).

Step 2:Fill the Pot Sox with any high-quality growing medium.
The side walls are reinforced for durability and made of a light weight fabric to keep all of your plants’ growing medium in place.

Step 3: The Pot Sox has a mesh base that greatly improves drainage, as well as an ultra-convenient drawstring around the top for easy cleaning.

Step 4: Pull, lift, and throw – it’s never been easier to clean!
It’s never been easier to clean with Pot Sox.
Simply tighten the drawstring and remove the Pot Sox, as well as all of the used grow medium.
Remove both and begin again.

We did say it was simple, after all.

Without any mess or stress, your pots are now ready to be used again.
Simply re-insert another Pot Sox and you’re good to go.

Look for the brand name Pot Sox, as knockoffs are frequently undersized and torn when removed.
Remember, the Rock team is dedicated to increasing yields, and our products will not disappoint our customers.


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30 L, 50 L


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