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10 A Extension Leads Hydroware Hydroponics, ballast extension cord with a round earth pin. Used to connect reflectors and ballasts together. Most commonly growers would use this extension cord between a reflector like adjust a wing and a digital ballast that will run metal halide or HPS grow lights.
This product is used for rigorous testing against the demands of hydroponic gardening. They provide a safe way of getting power where there is no power outlet nearby.The insulated pins meet Australian Standards, ensuring the safety and dependability of your equipment. This extension lead is vital whether you’re setting up a hydroponics arrangement in your home or commercial glasshouse. It has a variety of lengths to provide enough of reach for your electrical equipment. Order this product to get healthy and colorful plants.

Dimensions 10 × 30 cm

3m, 4m, 5m, 7m, 10m


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