Digi-Lumen Lighting Kit-600W Ballast+Pro Grow Lamp+Reflector


Powerplant Metal Halide lamps are ideal for plant growth because they emit a blue spectrum of light at 4000 Kelvin.
Giving your plants a pure blue spectrum of light will encourage them to grow much bushier, with thicker stems and lush green growth, allowing you to maximise the potential of your plants when they enter their flowering period.


Digi-Lumen light kits are the most cost-effective complete electronic light kits (ballast, lamp, and reflector) that have ever been seen in Australia.
The kits come with 4D dimmable digital ballasts, the most recent generation of digital ballasts.
Ballasts that are cost-effective and electrically stable are appropriate for tough environments and high-voltage power grids thanks to clever engineering.
The power output of Digi-Lumen light kits can be adjusted to four different levels.
This light kit provides a complete plant lighting solution, including seed & clone mode (250W), vegetative and power save mode (400W), flower mode (600W), and Super-Lumen mode for extreme flowering on chilly days, all from a single light kit (660W)




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