Can Fan Iso-Max Silenced Fan 3-Speed Control


Iso-Max fans are tube-style fans that are engineered to be efficient, powerful, and silent when in use. The stator-rotor system used by Iso-Max allows it to be efficient in both air performance and power consumption. Iso-Max is unique in that it is both a fan and a silencer in one. It includes a full metal casing and a particular type of foam for noise reduction.

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Iso-Max is a one-of-a-kind diagonal tube fan that is efficient, powerful, and quiet. Iso-Max, like Max Fan, has a rotor-stator design that allows it to be both efficient and effective in terms of air performance and power consumption. Iso-Max, on the other hand, is a unique sort of fan since it is a fan with a silencer built in. It has a solid metal inclosure with a specific sort of foam incorporated for noise reduction. Iso-Max is the most advanced solution for a ventilation application because to its low weight, robust air performance, and quietness.


150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm


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